Joaquin Boldrini


AIA Int'l Associate
Licensed Architect in Chile
Bachelor of Architecture, UCentral, Chile.

Joaquin has over 17 years of experience in the fields of Architecture, Construction and Development. He is the founder of ARKE and provides services as a consultant for our studio. He is a former employee of Zerafa Studio where he worked during the years 2019-2021. Prior to these years he worked for Terra Construction, a Design & build firm based in East Hampton, NY where he was senior designer and project manager for several residential and comercial projects during the years 2015-2019.

Before working at Terra Mr. Boldrini worked as an Architect designer in NBBJ NYC where he was part of the design team for large scale masterplans, commercial and residential projects. He was directly involved in designing projects such as HLH Chengdu Masterplan, CRL Taiyuan, Forte Hexin Island, CBL Yanlord Nanjing, CDL Chongqing, among others.

Mr. Boldrini originally joined Zerafa Studio llc during the years 2008-13 participating in the design team for projects such as Riverhouse Niagara, Fallsview Plaza Hotel 30, and many International competitions as Thyssenkrupp Dubai, the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw, Cheongna Tower, Atlantic City Boardwalk Memorial to mention a few.

Mr Boldrini worked during 2005-07 with Architect Javier Bize Huett and also kept his own practice in Santiago, Chile. During those years he was involved in several projects in different cities of Chile including residential and commercial units, renovations, institutional infrastructure and public spaces.

Mr. Boldrini studied Architecture in Santiago and graduated from Universidad Central de Chile in 2007. As a licensed architect in Chile he continues producing residential and commercial work there.

Besides his studies in architecture, Mr. Boldrini has always kept a close relationship with arts in general, widening his knowledge in fields such as color, proportions, perspective, line drawing, balance, movement, among others with classes taken with Carmen Perez Rodriguez (Santiago, Chile), artist Susan Sarback (Fair Oaks, CA. USA), photographer Jose Armando Araneda (Santiago, Chile), and Kung Fu Master Paul Koh (New York, NY. USA).

Mr. Boldrini also worked as a teacher assistant for Architecture Studio classes in Universidad Central with professor Javier Bize Huett during 2005, and for Interior Design Studio classes in Universidad del Pacifico with Professor Alvaro Salas during 2006 as well.